Sip 47 Origins

Sip 47 was started in the mid-2000’s by Rudy Marchesi & his daughter Kristin, of Montinore Estate. Here’s a video clip of that story:

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Harvest in the Sip 47

Well, that was an awesome summer, and as us locals know, we’re probably going to have a terrific Indian Summer as well. In Oregon, the Indian Summer keeps a mellow warmth long into October.

The vineyards here in the Yamhill and Willamette valleys are well into veraison and are bursting with colours other than green & brown. The sunlight is turning to its filtered gold and everything is just a little mellower.

Harvest here is expected to be around mid-October (earlier for some grape species), and winemakers are measuring for sugar and getting ready for picking.

The Sip 47 members – including non-winery One Horse Tavern and Quail Run Creamery in Gaston – keep readers apprised of their bottlings, events & news on our Facebook page; follow along by Liking us.

vineyards and picnic spaceAutumn is a great time to visit our wineries, taste recent releases, see crush activities, have a sunny picnic on the grounds. [If you do visit during crush, remember it’s called crush for a reason (the grapes AND the crowds), so plan accordingly.]

Download a map at sip47.com & plan your fall outing, or start with one winery and get recommendations for others.

Happy sipping, everyone!

Patton Valley Vines

I have on my calendar that ‘Bloom’, that event that means the grapes have arrived, even in their smallest form, happened in the valley on or around June 18. At about 90 days – give or take a moon phase – from bloom, harvest this year is predicted to be early October, a nice complement to our slow start to summer up here in Oregon.

Crush is of course a great time to pay a visit and perhaps see harvest activities. Several wineries have events that are fun and informative for the whole family.

Sip 47 appreciates your enthusiasm and support, with your visits and purchases to our tasting rooms & stores during growing season and after harvest. Here are a few ways to stay involved and support your favorite Sip 47 members throughout the year:

Be a Fan on their Facebook page. Most of the members have a link to their Facebook page on their respective pages at Sip 47.com. Facebook has become a great way to keep our most loyal customers informed about our products and to offer special discounts and events to Facebook followers.

Share their Facebook page with others. Our new customers come from our old customers; those of you who already know and love us, so feel free to share our news with your FB peeps. While you’re there, give us a comment or Like  our postings of new wines, awards and events.

If you’re a big fan or received great customer service, Google the member and add a review to their listing. This helps them rank higher in a local search result.

Check out wine stores & groceries in your area; see how many Sip 47 members’ wines are on the shelf. Missing any you remember tasting & loved? Ask the wine steward to get it for you. Member Urban Decanter in Forest Grove carries many Sip 47 members’ wines.

We have a couple members who don’t make wine. The One Horse Tavern is a great spot to take a break & enjoy one of their great burgers. Wendy often posts events on their Facebook page for followers to take advantage of.

Quail Run Creamery is busy making fresh chevre on their goat farm outside Gaston. Their fresh chevre is carried at New Seasons Market in Orenco Station (Hillsboro, Oregon), Republic of Jam in Forest Grove, The Horse Radish in Carlton and at some wineries along the Hwy 47 route. Look for new distribution of their cheeses in the future; even ask your cheese shop about carrying their product.

We love what we do and are so pleased to share it with you. Thank you, as always, for your business and enthusiasm for our product.

vineyardSummer’s always a great time in the Northwest for winery visits and events. The days are longer, the air is blessedly warm, and the countryside is lush and beautiful.

Sip 47 members have always been a creative bunch. Here are a couple of the events  taking place to give you a firsthand experience with their artisinal wines.  Please also see our Calendar page for regular events, and the member pages for open hours.)

Montinore Estate is hosting a special Summer Wine Dinner July 21st that is special not just because Chef Ben Meyer of  The Grain & Gristle  will be preparing the feast, but because Montinore is celebrating the  25th anniversary of their first vineyard harvest. Check the Montinore events page for ticket prices & time.

Patton Valley Vineyards’ Drink Pink Rose’ Festival starts at noon on July 14th. As the name suggests, pink wine will be poured by participating wineries located up and down Highway 47 – although the event will be hosted at Patton Valley. Music, food, sunshine, you get it – and lovely wines. Tickets are $45 and are limited. Check out PV’s webpage to reserve your spot!

Wishing you a summer filled with sunshine and relaxing good times.

Bud Break

grapevine bud

The Willamette and Yamhill Valley wineries wait eagerly for bud break in the spring – when the vines come alive with the first leaf and bud of the growing season. Vineyards in other appellations in Oregon are not quite as tied to this seasonal equinox – the Columbia River Gorge area and, to an extent, the Applegate and Rogue regions.

Bud break symbolizes both relief and caution: “Finally, the season is underway! Wait, is frost season really over?” And there is some caution and oversight until the temperatures warm enough during the day to collect ‘heat units’ to enforce bloom. Some growers wait to prune primary vines until the last of the frost can be confidently bid goodbye; a bud break prior to a frost kills the crop.

Although there’s nothing that can be done to force bud break, there is plenty to watch for after it happens. A wet spring can produce mildew, and a lack of nutrients can delay vine growth.

So it is, that any day now, in addition to tiny buds poking their heads out, hurrah-posts will pop up on blogs, Twitter and Facebook, announcing the vintner’s official dawning of Spring.

Stay tuned for a hearty 2012 season, and visit us on Sip 47 to see the vines and taste their vintages.